Play Area

Keeping in mind your kid’s interest and safety in mind, we have created a responsible and safe environment for your kids where they can play and learn. The amusing area helps keep the kids entertained and content. We’ve created a complete fun field where kids can learn, engage with other kids and have fun at the same time. A wide variety of games and child-friendly toys are available. Kids can paint, draw pictures, and have fun with colors too. Our super child friendly settings will keep your children entertained from the moment that they walk in, we have everything from cool toys to video games for your little ones to sit in and enjoy. Our play area is one of the favorites for the kids who visit us for haircuts, nails & massages. Almost every corner of our salon is set up from the inclusion of soft play areas, where kids can happily amuse themselves. While the kids keep busy in the soft-play-areas, moms can have a nice time around the premises and the cafe.