Nails & Massages

We understand that each child needs to relax and have their own time. Our nails and massage services will make your child feel completely rested and rejuvenated! We offer fun ways to groom tiny fingers of your toddler. At Barber black sheep we pride ourselves in providing a revitalizing and enlightening experience in nail grooming and hair spas.

Your baby will be pampered with choices. Our wide range of options includes the manicures and pedicures and with stocks of the various chemical free nail and hair products. We also despise using dyes or perm solutions or any other kinds of toxins.

Everything is set up to suit the particular needs of kids. If you want your child’s next salon visit to become a more happening and learning experience, do visit us!

Services Price(INR)
Foot Massage 250(for 20 minutes)
Nails (cleaning,painting) 200
Manicure 350
Pedicure (normal) 350
Pedicure (lotus) 750
Head Massage (Normal, Coconut, Almond) 250,350,450 respectively