Kids Haircuts

Kids eventually have to get haircuts just as adults do. However, cutting child's hair isn't as easy as cutting an adult's. We at Barber Black Sheep are extra careful and very patient with them. With us, kids get to experiment with various hairstyles. We make the kids feel comfortable and then take them to have a haircut of their choice. We know that kids and parents want something different with their haircut experience and at BBS we provide it all: a superior haircut with warm, experienced stylists in a meticulously clean place filled with fun!

  • Superior Haircut
  • Experienced Stylists
  • Clean surroundings
Services Price(INR)
Haircut Child 450 (including play time of an hour)
Trimming Child 350 (including playtime of an hour)
Haircut Men 400
Haircut Women 500
Blow Dry(with shampoo) 350
Blow Dry (without shampoo) 250
Hair wash 150 (normal), 250 (loreal)
Haircut + Shampoo 600
Hairdo (curls, ironing) 500
Hair colour-touch up (majirel) 900
Hair colour-touch up (inoa) 1500
Global Hair colour Starts from 4000
Beard trim 150