Events at Barber Black Sheep

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We conduct the Mundan parties for you too!

At BBS, we make sure your baby’s first haircut is not just easy and fun but super-special. We get you the best of the facilities to ensure smooth sailing of the ceremonies.
So sit back and relax while we work towards getting you memories that you’re going to cherish for the rest of your lives.

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 Baby showers are a great way for friends to celebrate a mum-to-be.

But it certainly is a task to find out who organizes it, when and where to have it, who to invite and get ideas for themes.

We at BBS are your one stop solution for every requirement pertaining to a baby shower. We can help you make decisions about the various elements of the party and ensure it’s fun for guests. We will cater for the food and drink, depending on the time of day, your budget, and how formal or casual you want the shower to be. Baby showers usually aren’t complete without some fun and silly games. But even if your guests aren’t the competitive types, there are plenty of other kinds of activities to keep them entertained. It’s common to give a goody bag to everyone who attends a baby shower, or you can just offer individual prizes to guests who win games.
For all this and more we at Barber Black Sheep ensure your baby shower turns out to be the talk of the town, for all of the legit reasons.

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Hobby classes for children are the best pastimes for them that contribute positively to their overall development. It also plays a vital role in exploring their hidden talents and boosting their self-confidence. We host hobby classes for different age groups and interests and give them the opportunity to grow and polish their interested fields. Some of the popular hobby classes that we offer are art and craft, dance classes and music. We at BBS use the unconventional & non-academic approach in a friendly and supportive group setting where students can learn at their own pace.

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Your baby’s birthday around the corner and you want it to be the best and fun day for everyone!

We think out of the box and certainly, add some more fun and excitement to the day. The best part of the deal is – It won’t cost you a fortune!

Kids certainly want to have a say in their birthday parties. We sit with the parents and the child and help them pick up a theme or pick up a theme they like and make it grand with cool decorations and well-co-ordinated games and food.

We not just host wonderful themed birthday parties for your little ones but make sure it is the most memorable birthday bashes.